05 Jun 2024

LED Transparent Display from Innovision Team in shopping mall for outdoor using

LED Transparent display technology is flourishing, with unique advantages such as visible background and beautified appearance, opening up new display application scenarios. Innovision's series of transparent screens closely follows the forefront of the industry, integrating the latest transparent LED transparent technology to present customers with unprecedented ultra-thin, lightweight, and high transparency effects. Yesterday we received a set of high-definition beauty photos from our c
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03 Jun 2024

P1.56 Indoor HD Display Fine Resolution Panel installed in a Conference Room

Nowadays, more and more projectors and LCD displays are being replaced by LED indoor HD fine pitch-resolution displays. Due to the high contrast of indoor HD display LED panels, the true color of LEDs, unrestricted size, and reasonable price, LED all-in-one machines have become a trend in conference use. In May of this year, Innovision LED company just installed a p1.56 indoor HD fine resolution display in a conference room in recognized financial center of China --Shanghai. The display s
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22 May 2024

P2.5 LED Indoor curved 90 degrees display with led soft modules in Korea

The Innovision team received on-site installation pictures of the indoor LED "Wave Screen" project from a long-term cooperative client. As a local professional system integrator, the client's installation team successfully completed the landing work of this project and won unanimous praise from end customers.   This project is composed of P2.5 soft modules, which have a 90 degree angle and inner arc. Our Innovision product perfectly achieves seamless and very high flatne
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20 May 2024

P2 LED indoor HD display fine resolution screen for a meeting room in Shenzhen China

In May, Innovision LED team made significant strides by successfully installing a cutting-edge p2 indoor fine resolution LED display in a meeting room located in the Economic and Technological Center of the South China --Shenzhen city. This state-of-the-art LED indoor HD display, measuring an impressive W6.72m x H1.92m and featuring an Eco solution, represents a remarkable achievement in the realm of high-definition visual technology. Notably, this display is intricately integrated into the meet
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