Innovision LED Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional and integrated manufacturer, specialized in designing, production, sale and after services for various kinds of high-tech LED screens.Products

Outdoor Fixed Installation Led Display 1000X1000mm Die-casting Cabinet Naked Eye 3d Screen Slim And Thick Design Screen

Aluminum material with plastic shell module, lighter, slimmer, more convenient. High-end e

LED Indoor HD Display Economic 640X480mm Die-casting cabinet Hard Conneciton Series

640X480mm LED indoor HD Display Series has the frame of honeycomb. The cabinet is made pre

LED Transparent Film Display Flexible Glass Screen(P6.25/P8P10/P15/P20)

LED Transparent Film Display Glass Flexible Screen is very popular used for shopping malls

Glass Screen Ice Screen LED Transparent Display (P5/P5*10/P10/P10*20/P20)

LED Glass Ice Screen LED Transparent Display is very popular used for shopping malls, rest

Super Slim Double-sided LED Screen Light Weight LED Indoor Display (P1.95/P2.5/P2.976/P3.91)

LED Double-sided Display is very popular used for shopping malls, restaurant etc. It can b

Super Slim Transparency 60% Light Weight LED Transparent Display Window sign (P2/P3)

LED transparent Display window sign is very popular used for window shops, restaurant etc.

Modular Perimeter Led Screens (pixel Pitch P6/p8/p10) With Upper Absorbing Impact Pad And Integrated Support Foot.

The modular cabinet design keeps the screen working in stable condition even in extreme ho

Colorful LED Interactive Floor Tile Screen Display Manufacturor(P3.91/P5.2/P6.25)

LED Floor – differ to the conventional floor, you can play any image or video y

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Indoor HD screen (P0.9/1.25/1.56/2/2.5)

Small Pitch LED Display adopts breakthrough technology to achieve the real seamless splici